Peace Of Mind with Bhi Bhiman

By Critical Frequency

What's Peace Of Mind with Bhi Bhiman about?

In a nod to the protest albums of the 1960s and 70s, Bhi Bhiman’s Peace of Mind finds inspiration in the chaos that is modern American life. So much so that he had to release the album as a podcast and dig deeper on everything from immigration to religion, racism to Russia with American thought leaders, including Reza Aslan, Rabia Chaudry, Dave Eggers, LaDoris Cordell, and more. Part politics, part Behind the Music, all fascinating, Peace of Mind is an album and a podcast for our time.

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Ep. 9 Stand By Me


In the final episode of Peace of Mind, Bhi shares a very personal story about how suicide has touched his life in recent years. How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains (TEDx): Listen to Peace of Mind (the album): ...

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