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What's Perpetual Traffic about?

Facebook Ads & paid media experts Keith Krance, Ralph Burns (Dominate Web Media), and Molly Pittman (Digital Marketer) share cutting edge Facebook advertising, YouTube Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter & Instagram advertising tips, strategies and case studies on how to grow your business or brand through online advertising.

Paid traffic is the act of putting your product, service, or message in front of your target audience… it’s the act of acquiring customers online while also building goodwill, and is the lifeline of any business. So, whether you’re a media buying expert or you’ve yet to create your first Facebook ad, you’ll discover actionable strategies that can be applied today. Perpetual Traffic combines the paid traffic strategies developed at Digital Marketer with the real life agency experience of Dominate Web Media.

Listen to real stories of business owners just like you and how they overcame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising. Learn how to make Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, Twitter Advertising, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Advertising, (and more) work for your business.

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EP227: The 5-Step Facebook ...


In this episode, Molly and John Grimshaw show us the 5-Step Facebook Account Audit they used on the BOOM! by Cindy Joseph Facebook page earlier this year. They explain what the Facebook audit told them about the potential of BOOM! ...

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