Pet & Spontaneous Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP): Vicki Talbott | E10 S2

07.06.2021 - By Life Continuing

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Vicki Talbott is a retired U.S. college professor, administrator, and a medium with a lifelong interest in afterlife studies. Upon the passing of her son Braden in 2000, Vicki began hearing from him, at the time primarily through voice messages left on her answering machine, and later digital recorders and computers. As a result of exploring Instrumental Transcommunication online, she joined the Big Circle, an ITC group part of what was known as the AA-EVP, now called the ATransC. She was certified as a Proxy Practitioner by the association and continues to work with the bereaved, connecting them with their children and other loved ones in spirit through transcommunication and other means. I’m so thrilled to have Vicki return to the show, to share about how Electronic Voice Phenomena can capture the consciousness of animals, and also some astounding spontaneous EVP’s. ( ************** Life Continuing  Instagram:  Creator: Tania Berg  Advisor: Amanda Cupido  Music: Richard Feren  Editor: Cathy Ord

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