#15 Peter Rose on the same-sex marriage debate

08.18.2017 - By The ABR Podcast

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The recent debate about same-sex marriage has been one of the most unseemly episodes in our recent history. A legal entitlement that has been endorsed by untold opinion polls has again been delayed because of internecine strife in the federal coalition. A postal ballot with dubious legal weight or status will further delay same-sex marriage and result in a divisive public debate – at quite a cost too. How far would $120 million go in our schools, our hospitals, our theatres, our laboratories? Yet again, gays and lesbians will be talked about and debated in ways that heterosexuals would find insufferable.

You can read Peter Rose’s Comment on the same-sex marriage debate here: https://www.australianbookreview.com.au/abr-online/current-issue/4213-the-same-sex-marriage-debate-by-peter-rose

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