02.23.2021 - By Something Rhymes with Purple

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In this our 99th episode we’re calling our Purple People to the bar and passing judgement on the words of law!

Susie tells us what a large number of judges and a large amount of food have in common, why the Old Bailey has Roman origins and explains why a Juror must swear but never curse.

Gyles asks some ad hoc questions, as is his modus operandi, and proves that he’s no ignoramus when it comes to stories of late, great lawyers. 

Later, Susie and Gyles are brief about briefs, explain the significance of colourful bags and ribbons, and cause mayhem with some dark humour- but who doesn't love the sound of a "mans laughter"?

A Somethin' Else production.

Susie's trio:

Ninguid- blanketed in snow

Widdendream- to be in a state of confusion or mental disturbance

Rhinarium- the moist nose of an animal like a dog or a cat

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