Phoenix Winter: MLP Songs

By Phoenix Winter

What's Phoenix Winter: MLP Songs about?

Hey guys, my name's Phoenix and this is my OC, Winter. Let me know what song you would like and I'll try to upload it as soon as possible, you might find the song you requested on the 17th of every month. I've been reaching my bandwidth every month and I'm glad that you guys enjoy listening this podcast!

If you're new to this podcast smack that follow button it will help me out a lot, and click, spam or destroy that like button if you want some more!!!

This Podcast is dead since 22/Nov/2015 however, this Podcast might return in the future and I'll upload more MLP music and request!

If you want more songs frequently instead of once every month then help a pony out by giving a generous donation on my pay-pal account. This way, I could upgrade my Podcast and receive more GB on my Bandwidth and Storage so I'll upload at least one song every week!

Thanks guys, and stay frosty!

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Requested By: HighHorseFlys Lyrics: I wanna be a mobile supercomputer A vision of the future Begin the cyber revolution Mechanical fusion The perfect evolution With systematic harmony I'll run onto eternity And although this metal's part of me I shall ...

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