Physical Therapy Owners Club

By Nathan Shields

What's Physical Therapy Owners Club about?

Physical Therapy Clinic Owners are MASTERS at creating stability and freedom in their patients’ lives, YET rarely experience it themselves. AND the first step to success is as simple as reaching out. PT ownership requires its owners to juggle a lot – productivity and efficiency from themselves and their teams, management of human resources, marketing, healthcare regulations, etc. – all to fulfill their dreams of business stability, freedom, and affecting lives for good. At the heart of it they are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need resources to thrive, grow, and succeed.IF you’re a PT clinic owner and trying to get your clinic off the ground or grow your business, you can always learn from others who have been there, done that. PT Owners Club will introduce you to fellow PT Owners who will share their paths to stability, freedom, and success! Join the club!

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Insights Into PT Owner Ment...


Shaun Kirk, PT has spent decades coaching PT owners on how to improve their practices and their lives. Now, he shares his wisdom on the PT Practice Success Podcast, and Nathan Shields was lucky enough to be his first guest! ...

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