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How are you fairing right now? Are you feeling like you’re walking around with wobbly knees because of this disruptive shift in your business that you did not ask for? Are you exhausted trying to juggle eldercare, childcare, customer care, and suddenly, virtual team care? It’s a fact that some businesses are thriving, while some businesses have been turned on their head. People are buying, people are even starting businesses while others have temporarily closed and laid off team members. There’s so much to think about and so much to do. It can be so overwhelming. On today’s show, we walk through the most important things you need to be focusing on right now in four categories of your business. Join the BizChix Community Books, Tools or Events Mentioned: RESET Your Mindset: Silence Your Inner Mean Girl by Natalie Eckdahl Other Links Mentioned: Unlocking Us podcast Stacking Your Team Episodes Mentioned: SYT 63:[On Air Coaching] How to Begin Building Culture Within a Virtual Team with Deb Howard Greenleaf SYT 70: Myth Busters about Remote Team Members with Abby Wolfe SYT 77: Safeguarding Your Business from Remote Worker Disputes with Tara Vasdani Work with Us: Programs Overview VIP Day One:One Coaching Leadership Lab Six Figures Lab Listen to The BizChix Podcast Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at Listen to our sister podcast, BizChix, on your app or at 

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