513 Platform Bed Build No. 2 "A Box"

05.31.2014 - By Matt's Basement Workshop - Audio

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The next component of the platform bed build to tackle is the box encasing the undercarriage assembly. It has three purposes: First, it's a means to support the undercarriage assembly for when it's attached to the platform proper. Second, it'll act as part of the support and reinforcement system for when we attach the legs in an upcoming episode. Third, it just looks cool and is an opportunity to cut some beautiful thru-dovetails and show off my mad joinery skills (of which you'll learn more about the truth behind this last point). The main focus of this episode is on the cutting of the dovetails themselves. I chose to do it completely by hand for one simple reason, I don't own a dovetail jig. There's an entire list of reasons why I prefer to hand cut my dovetails and I'll share them at a point further down the road, but suffice to say, they may take me a little longer to do it but I enjoy the process. Help support the show - please visit our advertisers

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