Podcast for Week Ending 1/31/20

02.06.2020 - By Jen Said What?!

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(00:00:00)) - Jen hates on the Lizzo haters (again). She also asks her opener, Allison Wojtowecz, who is not Catholic, what she thinks of all these Catholics she’s been meeting on Jen’s tour. Don’t miss Allison’s answer! (00:25:20) - Jeannie Gaffigan stops by the NYC studios to hang out with Jen and talk about why they wish teachers would write notes on their kids’ arms. (00:56:33) - Jeremy McLellan is a standup comic who converted to Catholicism, lives in South Carolina, and is famous in Pakistan. Seriously. He tells Jen about an event he did for a Muslim organization that went horribly awry.

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