Podcast Episode 81: Internal Medicine EOR Cardiology Questions

03.23.2020 - By The Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast

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Welcome to episode 81 of the Audio PANCE and PANRE PA Board Review Podcast.
Join me as I cover ten internal medicine rotation EOR content blueprint questions from the Smarty PANCE physician assistant board and rotation review website.
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Below you will find an interactive exam to complement the podcast.
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Podcast Episode 81: Ten Internal Medicine EOR Cardiology Questions
The following questions are linked to PAEA Content Blueprint lessons from the Smarty PANCE and PANRE Board Review Website. If you are a member you will be able to log in and view this interactive video lesson.
1. 55-year-old woman is admitted to the hospital because she has shortness of breath and pain on both sides of her chest with deep breathing which has worsened over the past 5 days. In recent weeks, she has been feeling fatigued and has had low-grade fevers and night sweats, and was found to have a new cardiac murmur on examination. Her temperature is 38.1°C (100.6°F), pulse is 106/min, respirations are 26/min, and blood pressure is 136/88 mm Hg. She appears diaphoretic and is in mild respiratory distress.

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