Podcasts of Wildemount: National Treasures

04.12.2020 - By Venture Maidens | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

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Gather round travelers to hear a different tale, our heroes are sent to an entirely different land to locate a missing treasure hunter. Will the many factions of Wildemount interfere with our Maidens mission? What grand treasure has attracted the attention of an archmage? Can our heroes prove a match against slumbering relics of the Age of Arcanum?Find out in our special Podcasts of Wildmount Episode: National TreasuresFan of the show? Consider helping us with a Patreon donation at patreon.com/venturemaidensFacebook: facebook.com/venturemaidensTwitter: @venturemaidensInstagram: @venturemaidensTheme Music Composed by: https://soundcloud.com/emily-e-meo

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