Pokémon GO Podcast Ep 243 – “Clawitzer: I'd Pay $20 To Eat That At Dinner”

04.11.2021 - By Pokemon Go Podcast

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The title is brought to you by Charles McFall
Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles and Joe are with another amazing episode for your earholes! We have a long discussion about Pokémon and accounts being sold on eBay. It was such a riveting topic that usnatescout called in several speakpipes during the show to add his 2 cents on it. There were a ton of assets and updates pushed to the game this past week and some of them look quite interesting like pokestops that can power up. Rivals week is almost here and with it comes Clauncher / Clawitzer and Skrelp / Dragalge. Charles is especially excited for Clawitzer. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!
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[Discussion] What are your thoughts on Pokémon / accounts being sold on eBay?

He’s baaaack

Asset Update - New Lapras Costume

New Mega Assets added with 0.205.0

New Assets - More Megas (3D Only)

Rivals’ Week brings rival Pokémon and competition! Plus, Therian Forme Landorus is coming to five-star raids! - Pokémon GO

Rivals Week Infographic (via Legendslima)

We're excited to share that all Trainers will now be able to see which Pokémon may hatch from Eggs in their Inventory! Tap an Egg to see a list of possible Pokémon and their rarity level.

Restricted Pokémon Great League Remix

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