POP 234 - Awaken with Greg Oliver - Part 1

07.21.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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Greg & Stacey Oliver are keenly aware of the devastation caused by pornography & sexual addiction. For years, during his time as a worship & music pastor, Greg secretly struggled with an addiction to porn and sex. This secret struggle – which was intensified by the fear of what would happen if ever exposed – led to years of attempting to stop, control, or at least manage the behavior; as well as countless prayers for God to “take it away.” Not understanding the many factors that drive addiction, Greg thought that if he could just find the right formula, he would be able to make better choices and no one would have to know. After years of failure, he felt completely isolated from everyone in his life, including God.  While unaware of Greg’s issues, Stacey had her own struggles with insecurity and unhealthy relationship expectations. She experienced a type of idolatry within her marriage, placing hope and confidence in Greg instead of in God. She also looked to other people to give her worth, trying to be the perfect “ministry wife” and never saying no to anyone. She believed that enough “being and doing,” made her OK. That all fell apart in early 2009, when God exposed Greg’s years-long enslavement to sexual addiction. Greg lost his job, Stacey was devastated by betrayal, and they both found themselves in a place of emptiness, completely unable to predict what would happen next.  Finally, with none of the old crutches or idols to hold on to, they began to walk a journey of recovery, guided by faithful friends and qualified therapists. It was on this journey that both Greg & Stacey rediscovered God for who He really is. Where they had seen Him as distant, angry, or always requiring more effort, they now began to see Him as the loving, gracious Father found in Scripture. Through the process of recovery, Greg & Stacey discovered how much unhealthy beliefs and behaviors had taken control of their lives, influencing how they viewed themselves, other people, and even God. Through their journey they have seen God change them, heal them, and use them in other peoples’ lives who struggle with the same issues. Greg & Stacey feel passionately that God has brought them through their experience so that He can use them to help others find the same freedom, grace and abundant life. https://awakenrecovery.com

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