POP 241 - Sexual Honesty - Part 2

09.08.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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The last 2 episodes of the podcast (238 & 239) were entitled... With Or Without Your Wife. In these 2 episodes Tony discussed the importance of a Christian man being committed to sexual purity... regardless of what's going on sexually in the context of his marriage. Unfortunately... sometimes a married couple can be in the place where sexual intimacy never happens... or happens very infrequently.  In such cases many men resort to acting out in secrecy as they take matters into their own hands (no pun intended)... and meet their own sexual needs in their own way... apart from their wife. While it's true that we are called to be men of purity... With Or Without Our Wife... it's also true that it can be profoundly difficult for men to maintain their purity in the context of a sexless marriage... or a very difficult marriage. In this episode... and the next... Tony offers advice and guidance concerning what it might look like for a man to live with "sexual honesty" before his wife... even if they are struggling with sex in the marriage.

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