POP 231 - Why Waiting Works with Rob Kowalski - Part 2

06.30.2020 - By Power of Purity | Helping Men to Honor God with their Sexual Gift

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Rob Kowalski is a self-proclaimed bad boy who has been reformed by the grace and mercy of God! Rob's mom was only 14 years old when she became pregnant with Rob.  When he was a young boy he discovered a VHS tape in the house... so he popped it in to watch.  He was shocked to see a video tape of male strippers... and he immediately knew that was exactly what he wanted to do when he got older.   At the age of 19 Rob began his career as a male stripper... and became the most notable stripper and night club promoter in his hometown of Baltimore Maryland.  Through this lifestyle Rob eventually accumulated sexual experiences with literally hundreds of sexual partners. Eventually Rob had a radical and life-changing encounter with Jesus that turned his life around.  After stripping one night... Rob returned to his hotel room... and had an amazing encounter when the Lord unexpectedly and mysteriously revealed himself to Rob in such a tangible and undeniable way... that Rob instantly knew who Jesus was and that would serve the Lord from that day forward. The life of excess that Rob had lived for many years taught him many lessons about what does and doesn't work when is comes to sex... and why.  His mess has now become his message... and Rob has lived a life close to celibacy since then... as he waits for God to bring him the wife he has been waiting for. Rob is the Founder and CEO of CityFam... which is a Baltimore based no-profit organization that advocates for the power of community to transform an individual, a city, and even the whole world! Rob Kowalski's life is living proof that even sexual bad boys can be saved and transformed by the miracle working power of God through Christ.  

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