Positive Anger

By Nathan Macintosh

What's Positive Anger about?

Nathan Macintosh has noticed throughout his life that anger is the only emotion that is not accepted. If you're sad, people help you through it. If you're happy, that's great! If you're angry, people say stop being angry, but anger gets things done! 'Positive Anger' showcases that. From positively being mad about expensive schools to being livid about movie trailers, Nathan proves anger has merit. Oh, and is funny. This is also funny.

113 ratings

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'You're NOT Going To Karate...


Another episode! Talking having kids or not. Does it fill a void? Should you have a kid if the reason is 'they'll take care of me when I'm older'? DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE KIDS TO KARATE?! AND an argument ...

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