Positive Miami Heat Surprises: Ethan, Alf, Alex, Zach

11.17.2019 - By Five On The Floor: Miami Heat/NBA

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After another home win, this time against the busted up New Orleans Pelicans, the Miami Heat now stand at 9-3, good for second in the Eastern Conference, (still ahead of the Bucks and Sixers). Kendrick Nunn had another game where he led the team in scoring, while the team as a whole continued to look very cohesive on the floor on both ends.
Since we had 4 guys credentialed at the game, we did things a little different today. Ethan Skolnick asked Alex Toledo, Alphonse Sidney and Zach Buckley individually, what has been the team's most surprising development through these first 12 games?
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***Also: Come out next Wednesday, November 27th, for our watch party against the 10-3 Houston Rockets at Duffy's in North Miami Beach! They've set us up with our own section, including a *very* large projector, as we all sit right next to the water and watch the Heat keep up our watch party win streak. (1 game)***

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