Practical tips for dealing with Fatigue – Hf #240

09.23.2019 - By The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

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Are you dealing with fatigue, stress, over daily overwhelm? Then this episode is for you! In it we are going to cover physical as well as some emotional and mental tips you can do to overcome that daily fatigue and stress. Get ready, this is going to be a fun and practical episode! 

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It looks like Dr. Axe Magnesium oil is no longer sold but he has an awesome Magnesium supplement
Ashwagandha supplements - good for sleep! 
My FAVORITE Ashwagandha supplement for sleep - Cortistop
Favorite essential oils for sleep: Valor (my personal sleep oil), Stress Away, Lavender, Francisense, Peace & Calming
Favorite hot drinks: Criobru, Dandelion Tea (Dandy Blend - you can find on Amazon!), and Four Sigmatic products. 
Essential oils to diffuse for a morning pick me up: Peppermint and a citrus blend like Citrus Fresh
Energy essential oil blend: En-R-Gee (terrific for helping to support thyroid and adrenal function)
Thyroid supplement for when you know something is wrong: Thyromin
Great thryoid supplement that helps support healthy thyroid function: Thyroid support system
THE BEST essential oil for Thyriod function & energy: EndoFlex
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