Praying for our kids: Inerrancy

03.07.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

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I’m guessing you pray inerrancy over your kids every day like I do? Just kidding, me neither.      But I do believe inerrancy is a critical aspect of our faith and one we need to be praying for our kids. Boiling it down to one sentence—praying inerrancy means praying for our kids to believe that everything in the Bible is absolutely true. That’s it!    And it’s especially important in a culture of relativism that believes there is no absolute truth. Some of the anti-inerrancy (assuming that’s a word) messages we hear today relate to the Bible being dated and not relevant today because we’re more enlightened now. Or that the Bible was written by too many authors, so it’s contradictory and not a reliable historical source.     There’s lots more to this topic, but we’re going to keep it short by praying that our kids believe every word in the Bible is divinely inspired and the ultimate authority for their lives, no matter what the culture is telling them about the Bible.     Join me in praying inerrancy this week—it’s a big one! 

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