Praying for our kids: Resolve

03.14.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

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We’re praying resolve over our kids this week, and a good working definition for resolve is “to reach a firm decision.” So praying resolve means we’re praying they reach a firm decision each and every day to follow Christ and grow in their faith.     Resolve is critical for this generation, who is bombarded daily with social media, pornography, graphic music, widespread internet access, and so much more. To follow the Lord, they will need to consistently do the faith-growing practices of connecting with the Lord daily, following godly mentors, and walking away from things that are less than God’s best for their lives.     Join me this week as we laugh a little bit about my half-marathon experience so many years ago, and the take-aways of discipline, muscle memory, and determination required to do the hard things in life. 

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