President Eisenhower's Close Encounters with author Paul Blake Smith

11.26.2020 - By Supernatural Girlz

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Did President Eisenhower have meetings with Extraterrestrials? Author Paul Blake Smith says YES.  Not only did he have those meetings, but he mandated that all UFO encounters be kept from the public.  Hear Smith's compelling evidence on tonight's show.

Paul Blake Smith is the author of President Eisenhower's Close Encounters just released by Foundations Publishing. Smith's other books include  MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell; 3 Presidents, 2 Accidents,; and More MO41 UFO Crash Data

This is Smith's fourth nonfiction UFO book and his sixth book overall. In 2018 Smith released his well-reviewed nonfiction book, JFK and the Willard Hotel Plot: The Explosive New Theory of Oswald in D.C., shedding startling new light on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Smith was a four year Mass Communications Major with an English Minor at Southeast Missouri University in the 1980s. A fan of history, sports, and the paranormal, Paul spends his days polishing his very latest book, on the 1962 death of actress Marilyn Monroe. He can be found on the internet through his website:

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