Prince of Darkness Film Analysis: Antichrist Nihilism and Entering the Mauve Zone!

06.14.2021 - By Conspiracy Theories & Unpopular Culture

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We continue our journey into the films of John Carpenter with the CLASSIC horror film "PRINCE OF DARKNESS!" We'll get into SO much on this one- all the details have been laid out in USE YOUR ILLUSION II but we'll discuss it on today's podcast! Nihilism, Antichrist goo, science, quantum physics, manifesting entities and so much more!Links:Check out the John Carpenter Apocalypse Trilogy intro show if you haven't heard the talk on nihilism: Check out THE THING Film Analysis:, UFOS AND THE OCCULT BOOK SERIES NOW UP ON AMAZON (Audible version is now up for UYI1 and mid-July for UYI2!): all the images discussed on the show at Get 4 books for $5: your mega soft podcast t-shirts (the 2020 'Nerds are gonna kill us' version) AND your signed paperbacks of ALIENS, UFOS & THE OCCULT USE YOUR ILLUSION I: bonus content AND go commercial free + other perks with 3 options:1. VIP: Due to the threat of censorship, I set up a Patreon-type system through MY OWN website! It’s the VIP section of! It’s even setup the same: FREE ebooks, Kubrick’s Code video, Tier 2+ shoutouts, Tier 3 Livestreams! Sign up at: Patreon: Get free ebooks, bonus content, no commercials at! 3. ROKFIN: Check out my new PRIVATE show! I’m now on the Rokfin network! Check out all the premium bonus content of Conspiracy Theories & Unpopular Culture podcast AND an exclusive new podcast “INSIDE THE MIND OF A CONSPIRACY THEORIST” (*one subscription gets you all my bonus content as well as all other creators like Tin Foil Hat’s Sam Tripoli, Mike Cernovich, Whitney Webb and more!): [**Rokfin also gets the uncensored version and commercial free version of my third podcast- “BREAKING SOCIAL NORMS” with Mrs. Weishaupt (we talk about trending topics, marriage and self-help with a dash of conspiracy!)]More from Isaac- special offers:1. Check out another free podcast I make with my wife called the BREAKING SOCIAL NORMS podcast! You can get it free wherever you listen to podcasts (e.g. Apple: You can get the Uncensored and commercial-free option available at Signed paperbacks, coffee mugs, shirts, FREE copy of The [email protected] Controversy & other merch: Get 4 books for $5: ALIENS, UFOS & THE OCCULT IS NOW UP ON AMAZON! (Audible version is now up for UYI1 and mid-July for UYI2!): <a...

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