Season 2 Episode 35 - Printmaker and Curator Sarah Montgomery

10.20.2020 - By Art Wank

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Thanks to Sarah Montgomery for talking to us about all things printmaking, curation, and art materials .. have a listen its a fascinating podcast that you will hopefully learn from.

You can check out Sarah's work on instagram

she is part of the fabulous Sydney Road Gallery

and runs Artsmart in Seaforth;=en&q;=artsmart+seaforth&ie;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8

The artists Sarah mentioned were

and the books on her bedside were
The intaglio printmaking book;=en&q;=intaglio+printmaking+book&ie;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8
and The Artist Handbook of materials and Techniques;=CjwKCAjwlbr8BRA0EiwAnt4MTnC1uxzkJhqD4Jqp9bBxt8sTAohMw8N31OHa3l0j7sNQVs3ZJQQ5qhoCReUQAvD_BwE

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