Episode 185 Prizefest

07.01.2015 - By Knitting Rose Podcast

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Episode 185 Prizefest
Current Events:
Stars & Stripes Cowl - working on another one
Self Stripers Socks - working on another one
Trillian - working
Entrelac Socks - working
Ix Chel - working
Xochiquetzl - not quite cast on
Linen stitch Cowl - working
Lacey Cowl - working
Portable Magic
"The Girl with All the Gifts" (June 2014) by M.R. Carey
"The Martian" (2011) by Andy Weir
"Time Enough for Love" (1973) by Robert Heinlein

Did you see that? 
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (directed by Lorene Scafaria 2012) 
Logan's Run (directed by Michael Anderson 1976)

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