Product: Knowledge

By Graphos

What's Product: Knowledge about?

We‘re all obsessed with product brands, especially those driven by a vision and purpose. Product: Knowledge explores the art of the product launch, from secret Obsession Branding™ techniques to the specialized attributes of product marketing that become the difference between stratospheric success stories and costly product failure.

Host Bryn Griffiths talks with guests including Laurier Mandin and Andreas Schwabe, respectively the founder/CEO and media director of Graphos, an international product marketing agency, flushing out insights and vision into the fascinating world of consumer product Go-to-Market strategy for purpose-driven brands.

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Creating an Unforgettable B...


Naming a company is more complicated than naming a baby. It just is. There’s more family involvement. Is the product for men, women, seniors; is it for a particular activity or sport that has its own jargon and vocabulary? What ...

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