PSP 210: How to Help Kids with Anxiety or OCD When They are Angry

05.11.2021 - By AT Parenting Survival Podcast: Parenting | Child Anxiety | Child OCD | Kids & Family

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Kids with anxiety or OCD aren’t just fearful, often they are angry. Anxiety and OCD can cause kids to rage, meltdown and talk back. It can make them dig their heels in and be oppositional. 
But when parents react to those behaviors in “typical” ways, they often hit a brick wall. 
Because often anxiety and OCD is the undercurrent driving those emotions. So if you don’t address the undercurrent, you're missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.
In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast I talk about how to differentiate between developmentally typical anger vs anxiety or OCD triggered anger. I also talk about the counterintuitive approach to take when you know that the anger was caused by your child’s anxiety or OCD.
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