86. Purity Culture

10.07.2019 - By Feelin Weird

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Magnolia McKay talks about being raised Christian (where abstinence-based sexuality was the norm) + the pain and confusion that surrounded that experience.   She also talks about: Spiritual Abuse, Divorce, Shame, Sexual Repression, being attracted to multiple genders, reclaiming her sexuality, and much MORE!   Listen to Kye's Christianity story in episode P17!   Listen to Magnolia's podcast 'Post Purity Project'.   ​​Support on PATREON: patreon.com/feelinweird Buy M E R C H: kyeplant.bandcamp.com Donate via PAYPAL: feelinweird.com Instagram: @feelinweirdpod Email: [email protected]  Access EVERY regular + bonus Feelin Weird episode on the Feelin Weird patreon: patreon.com/feelinweird

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