S18E13 - Put The Squeeze On Me. A Greys Anatomy Recap

03.28.2022 - By Scalpels and Tequila. A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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Finally our prayers have been answered! We get eveything we have been begging for - a Teddy and Owen Conversation for Ayl, some family time for Tamzen , some laughs for everyone and a snake. Ok, maybe we didn't ask for the snake but we should have! Helm steals the show and Winston is probably going to steal the snake.

This episode is all about pressure and how to cope if you are under a lot of it. As Australians, Tamzen and Ayla discuss the pressure of living with the looming pressure of bugs, spiders and snakes. We discover that some of our doctors have become very good at setting boundaries while others are insistant on pushing them. We are also reminded that everyone needs to find themselves a partner that looks at them the way Ben looks at Bailey. Dr Romeo though he had, or was he fooling himself? 

Find out this week! 

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Tamzen and  Ayla 

Hosted by Tamzen Hayes and Ayla Azure

Greys Anatomy Credits
Created by Shonda Rhimes
Ellen Pompeo - Meredith Grey
Chandra Wilson - Miranda Bailey
James Pickens Jr - Richard Webber
Kevin McKidd - Owen Hunt
Kim Raver - Teddy Altman
Camilla Luddington - Jo Wilson
Caterina Scorcone - Amelia Shepard
Kelly McCreary - Maggie Pierce
Chris Carmac - Atticus Lincoln
Richard Flood - Cormac Hayes
Jake Borelli - Levi Schmitt
Anthony Hill - Winston Ndugu
Jaicy Elliot - Taryn Helm
Abigale Spencer - Megan Hunt
Scott Speedman - Nick Marsh
E.R Fightmaster - Kai Bartley
Greg Germann - Tom Koracick

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