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What's Quite Frankly about?

Quite Frankly focuses mainly on Government Politics & Honest Social Commentary, with a Common Sense, Anti-Establishment Spin.

Streaming LIVE, Monday-Friday nights, at 7pm ET, on Zenlive.tv.

Producers (and their Tumblr Blog Titles):
Ben F (BasedHeisenberg)
Brian 'GadgetDoc' OConnor
Evan Koser (PriceOfLiberty)
Bill (LibertyBill)
Les Vegetables (RedBloodedAmerica)

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"Friday Night Hypoxia" ft. ...


Cleaning up at the end of the week and getting ready to turn out the lights. Tonight and we'll talk with our health guest tonight, Victoria Albright of Apex-Water.com. It's a supplement I have used for a while, and since ...

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