Rep. Warren Davidson Wants Biden's Resignation & Ainsley Earhardt Talks Miracles

08.30.2021 - By Fox Across America w/ Jimmy Failla

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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) explains why he thinks President Biden should resign and there should be firings in the Biden Cabinety after Afghanistan, and Fox & Friends' Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt talks about her new Fox Nation series, "Beyond & Back with Ainsley Earhardt."  

[00:00:00] Sleepy Joe For Real?

[00:14:38] The Afghanistan Deadline Is Tomorrow

[00:18:23] Biden Defends The Strategy

[00:32:29] How Can Biden's Record Be Defended

[00:36:44] Remembering What's Happening In Afghanistan

[00:50:56] What Happens Next In Afghanistan

[00:55:04] Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH)

[01:08:41] Is Harris Stopping More Biden Criticism

[01:13:25] The EU Don't Want Americans

[01:27:53] Reading The Room Vs. Leading The Room

[01:31:45] Fox & Friends' Ainsley Earhardt

[01:44:03] Servicemen Criticize Biden

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