Rabbi Rami Shapiro | Spiritual, But Not Religious? What’s Really Going On.

09.22.2022 - By Good Life Project

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You’ve heard the call, “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” What does that even mean? And, why are so many people running from organized religion, but flocking to some amorphous and ambiguous claim to spirituality that often extends not further than a sense that you yearn for something more? And, is that okay? Or, are we leaving something behind? And, if so, what? Is it a part of ourselves? A sense of wholeness and belonging? How do we reclaim a feeling of connectedness and expansiveness and ease, without also surrendering to the strictures of organized religion that, too often, integrate tribalism, separateness and disconnection from our lived, modern experience?
These are the questions we dive into with my guest today, Rabbi Rami Shapiro. Rabbi Rami is an award-winning author of over three dozen books on religion and spirituality, including his latest, Judaism Without Tribalism. In our conversation today, we explore why so many people are leaving organized religion, the distinction between religion and spirituality, the evolution of God and religion, and much more.
You can find Rabbi Rami at: Website
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