Episode 10: Raindrops Are Falling On My Head

08.03.2016 - By Code Grey(s)

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After a week off, Code Grey(s) is BACK with a recap of the Grey's Anatomy Season 2 premiere. We're back with a new logo, a new theme song, and the same snarky passion for Seattle Grace. 
In this episode we jump right into: the enigma of Addison Montgomery Shepherd (04:40)...the Preston Burke dating dilemma (12:00)...who really IS having the worst day: Mer or Cristina? (16:40)...Joe the Bartender as the Hogwarts ghost of Seattle Grace (19:25)...chisme and the Chief (29:45)...the confusing legal status of Joe’s “dead” body (35:00)...how love means having to explain exactly what you're sorry for (49:00)...and our BITS (54:20) which include a more-disappointing-than-usual Karev of the Week (57:25)...and Megan's truly metal Medical Fact of the Week (1:05:45).

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