Raising prayerful kids with Stephanie Thurling and Sarah Holmstrom

03.17.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Courtney DeFeo

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We spend a lot of time in these parts talking about the importance of praying over our kids. But this week we’re giving it a little twist and talking to Stephanie Thurling and Sarah Holmstrom about raising prayerful kids. Said differently—how do we raise kids who pray?    As with all things when it comes to parenting, intentionality is the key, and today’s show is full of practical yet intentional ways to incorporate prayer into your kids’ daily routines.   Sarah and Stephanie have a powerful book on teaching your kids how to pray—and let’s just say when they refer to starting a “prayer chain” it’s what you’re thinking of from the ‘80s with lots of serial phone calls and casseroles.    So glad you’re with us today! Be sure to share this with a friend. Let’s work together to raise kids who spend time with their Savior in prayer.   Resources from today's show:  ❤️ Raising Prayerful Kids ❤️ Average Boy’s Above-Average Year ❤️ How Much Is A Little Boy Worth? ❤️ Parent with Purpose - A Perfectly Imperfect Christian Parenting Digital Event

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