#326: Raw Land, Ebay Deals, and So Much More! -with Jill DeWit and Steve Butala

06.08.2021 - By Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

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Jill DeWit & Steven Butala are real estate and raw land experts.  Since 1999, Jill and Steve have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 16,000 properties without incurring leverage or debt and continue to purchase property daily for immediate resale.  Quotes:  “The seller just doesn’t want it anymore. They are tired of getting the tax bills. They’re in a situation and need cash right now. They inherited it and didn’t even know they had it. There are all kinds of situations and they just don’t know what to do.”  “I love that we can buy and sell property all over the country and I don’t have to be there. We have members all over the world that are doing this very successfully.”  Highlights:  2:25- Jill and Steve talk about how they got into the real estate space and how they ended up in land investments  10:00- Jill and Steve share how they come up with the land value and what formula is used  17:16- Jill and Steve talk about their program and the kind of results you can expect from it  21:07- Jill and Steve talk about who the buyer typically is on the back end  29:49- Jill and Steve talk about the due diligence they do on their properties prior to buying  32:17- Jill and Steve share their most challenging deal and what they learned from it  Guest Website:  https://landacademy.com/   Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team   

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