Re-Humanize Your Leadership with Ethan Beute

10.05.2020 - By Leadership On Purpose

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How much do you love getting a video from a friend on your birthday? There's something very powerful about personal video. It humanizes communication again, and we need this more than ever in our increasingly remote working world. More people are using personal video to connect with clients, but many leaders are missing out on the benefits casual, conversational video messages can have on their organization's culture.  
Ethan Beute, author of Rehumanize Your Business and executive at BombBomb (Video Email), shares how psychological proximity can be built even in the absence of physical proximity. We talk about the things that hold people back from using video including practical tips you can start applying to make your leadership more human and personal. 

Leadership On Purpose is hosted by Blake Bozarth, Founder & CEO of CoThryve

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