#RealTalk - Not Everyone’s Going To Make It…

06.12.2017 - By The Lucky Bitch Podcast

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I’m going to be a bit blunt here (fun fact - sometimes kids at school would call me Dr Phil because I’d often “tell it like it is”). Not everyone is going to make it. In business I mean. Just because you want it, doesn’t automatically make it yours. I really wanted that beach house, but it took 6 years of working, releasing and personal discoveries for me to make the money for it. Tons of inner work. I know you’re scared. Everyone is. That’s not a good enough excuse. It’s really not. Fear itself means shit. Yes, it’s scary to push through resistance. Yes, it sucks to get “hater mail” or to hear no all the time. It sucks to put your heart and soul into something and then get nothing back in return. You know what motivates me sometimes? Reading obituaries. Or thinking about those actuarial tables where it shows you statistically how most people will die and when. It seriously fires me up. Because not everyone gets to live their dreams. Some of us will die early. Some of us will live for a long time. But how do we know which is which?

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