Rebroadcast: Holiday Preparedness! with James Walton

12.23.2018 - By The Prepper Broadcasting Network

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The holidays are known for a time of joy, happiness and time with your loved ones. We also think of it as a time of giving and reflection on ones self. But with all the happiness and joy, there is also the fact that anything can happen even during your holiday season. I, myself live in an area were we are dictated by the weather. Two years ago a tornado tore through our neighborhood just three days before Christmas. Did you know that more homes are broken into during the holidays. Our preps are just as important during the holidays as it is any other time of the year.

On this show we have a special guest, James Walton, Mr. I am liberty himself. We will be mentioning the four topics he plans to cover this month with his own Holiday preparedness; Cyber Security, Spiritual Preparedness, Home Security, and Holiday Travel.

These are four great topics that you should consider with all of your preps. How these things can save you. We all know that with today’s technology that cyber security is a big issues, especially with the fact that so many people make their purchases online. Home security is something that everyone worries about, especially with the increase of break ins. Holiday travel is also a great point. Many people end up driving a good distance to see their loved ones during the season. Know what to do if your break down, or if SHTF while on the road, how do you protect your family. what preps do you take with you and how do you get home.

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