Reframing Shame in Narcissistic Abuse

11.14.2019 - By Mental Health News Radio

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Join counselor Laura Bligh and Kristin as they talk about shame in a different light when it comes to narcissistic abuse. About Laura: believe each of us has the ability to heal from emotional pain and damage to our self-esteem. I believe to do this, the source of the “original wound/s” must be identified along with the resulting false image we came to have of ourselves. I believe this is Essential in order to produce change in our behavior... which produces Change in our lives. I believe that a Good Fit between a person and his/her therapist is also Essential to the therapeutic process. Change can be one baby step at a time or a sudden “growth spurt.” I believe knowledge is empowering. And I believe in self-compassion and perseverance. And laughter.I would describe my approach as “person centered” with the primary goal being the development of a solid/healthy sense of self and appropriate boundaries which serve to protect from what is harmful and to PROMOTE what is BENEFICIAL. A SPECIALTY of mine is Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. I enjoy helping people work thru grief. And... Much more.

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