REI Secrets #2 » Marketing To Motivated Sellers With Freedomsoft

04.30.2021 - By Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

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If using the same lists as every other wholesaler to find the same exact sellers in the same hot markets is your favorite thing to do, then you might want to ignore this podcast. But if you’re ready to find motivated sellers hiding in plain sight that everyone else is overlooking, then pull up a chair and lean in close, my friend. I’m sharing my REI marketing secrets with you in this episode. Do you know how to find distressed sellers or absentee owners before anyone knows they’re in trouble? I’ll walk you through my process, including places you might not have thought of, including how I find: —Local evictions —Rentals on Zillow —Distressed sellers, or my “sewer company” trick —Vacant homes Using Freedomsoft as my CRM and Propstream as my data provider, I’ll walk you through a campaign from beginning to end. Absentee owners are getting absolutely inundated with calls, texts, and mailers, so you need to put in the work to find sellers before they land on these lists. If you want my calculator and free resources, you can get all of that on Now get out there, make offers, follow up, and close more deals. What's Inside: —My trick for getting a 10-20% response rate for direct mailers. —My step-by-step guide for creating a campaign in Freedomsoft, plus all of my favorite tools for making your marketing automated. —The best tools for texting sellers so that your texts aren’t marked as spam.

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