205: Remind Me w/ Alex Grubard

12.21.2021 - By Two Jacked Bros

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Alex Grubard is the creator of Weeding Out The Stoned: A Live Comedy Gameshow of Sobriety Tests, which he takes all across the country, and is one of the coolest live shows that exists. Alex is also a hilarious stand up comedian, and seems like a guy whose first language is conspiracy theory. Luckily we were able to convince Grubard we weren't wearing wires so we got the chance to sit down and talk him through the process of enlightenment so that you can laugh your way to a higher consciousness.
Alex hosts Weeding Out The Stoned: https://weedingoutthestoned.mailchimpsites.com
Alex Grubard: https://www.instagram.com/alexgrubard/
Two Jacked Bros
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