RERUN Episode 20: Back to School Pep Talk (and Cookbook Plug!)

08.20.2019 - By Cooking in Real Time

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This week, I talk about ways to get motivated for cooking in the fall. And I discuss my new [now 10-year-old!] cookbook, Forking Fantastic: Put the Party back in Dinner Party.

Fall means back to school…so get back in the kitchen, you summer slackers! In this podcast, I talk about a few ways to get back in the habit of cooking.

One of the best ways is to invite someone over for dinner. But if that gives you palpitations, then please check out Forking Fantastic! Put the Party back in Dinner Party How to Throw a Dinner Party…without Having a Nervous Breakdown, my new decade-old-but-still-amazing cookbook with Tamara Reynolds. It’s due out October 6, and you can preorder it at available as an ebook from Amazon and other online booksellers.

Finally, it’s official–Cooking in Real Time is scaling back to once every two weeks. [This happened in 2009, so what the heck, we’ll do it again now!] I will be busy promoting the cookbook, and I want to be able to concentrate just on the cooking segments, and not so much on the recipe decoders, etc.

And I would greatly appreciate positive reviews of the podcast on iTunes, and any word you can spread on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks so much for listening, and keep the requests and questions coming! [All still true, 10 years later!]

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