Season 3 Episode 7: Revelations

03.10.2017 - By Black Mirror Library

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It's Intervention time, Gentle Listeners! The Scooby Gang is harboring some sexy secrets, and a new Watcher arrives with an agenda of her own... After witnessing the brutal death of her former Watcher, Faith catches a glimpse of what redemption might look like in Sunnydale - new Watcher, new friends, and nightly synchronized slaying. And of course, in true Whedon fashion, one by one watch em' aaaallll fall down! Revelations is so chock full of betrayals, accusations, and full contact Slayer vs. Slayer pummeling, you may need to take a break mid-episode to relax with some sensual Tai Chi.

Suggested Talking Points: aggressive paisley, useless cardigans, magic mittens, and conveniently placed shovels

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