Reversing Trump's Destruction

01.29.2021 - By The Energy Gang

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It was hard to keep up with the destruction of the Trump era. And it’s already getting hard to keep up with the rebuilding. 

This week brought a series of actions on climate change from the White House that are building a framework for the climate economy. 

Sam Ricketts, a prominent climate policy advisor, told the Los Angeles Times: “This is the most ambitious climate platform put forward by an American president...It is mobilizing the entirety of the federal government in an unprecedented way. Every agency is now a climate agency.”

We’ll sort through it.

Then, last week we covered distributed energy modeling. Now we get to the practice: how do we rebuild markets to accommodate a ton of small-scale resources? They’re doing it in the UK. We’ve lagged in the US. We’ll compare.

Finally, Elon Musk says he’ll give $100M to carbon-capture tech that shows promise. He can’t run rockets on electricity. Will he get his carbon-neutral jet fuel?Greentech Media: Biden Executive Orders Set Broad Federal Role in Clean Energy and Climate Change MitigationLATimes: Biden Orders Sweeping Actions to Pause Drilling and Fight Climate ChangeGreentech Media: New UK DERMS Project Targets Flexibility Across Distribution and Transmission GridsTwitter: Cisco DeVries’ Feed on the Dissing of OhmConnectNBC News: Elon Musk to Offer $100 Million Prize for 'Best' Carbon Capture TechTyndall Centre for Climate Change Research A Review of the Role of Fossil Fuel Based Carbon Capture and Storage in the Energy System. 

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