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Sister, I hate to break it to you but "bad" decisions are just part of life. You dated the person who wasn't good for you. You stayed in the job that you hated with the terrible boss. You got into the numbing out cycle of addiction. You keep looking for something outside yourself for validation and love. Well, Sister, I'm here today with an incredible guest to talk about accepting all these parts of ourselves - and then choosing to shift them into purpose.  Melissa Monte considers herself a guinea pig for bad decisions. And today she has a wildly successful business and podcast that helps us to turn our lives around when we tune in and find ourselves in a place we don't want for ourselves. Today, Melissa and I are talking about: How we can find ourselves feeling lost after experiencing trauma, and how when we don't address those things they come out in other ways, and how we can then rewire our brains FOR our own benefit.  Melissa's personal story of growth, and how she realized she was in a better place after a series of traumatic events but that she was not much happier. And then, of course, what she did about that! How Melissa turned some of the most traumatic things that have ever happened to her - like going to jail for someone else's crime - into her purpose. What analysis paralysis is and how we can get out of that cycle. How to go inside and investigate the feelings and emotions we have without it being so scary (hint, it's never not scary...) And so much more.  About Melissa Monte:  Melissa Monte is a mindset coach and host of the podcast Mind Love. After spending a decade being what she calls a "guinea pig for bad decisions," she became obsessed with learning what makes us humans tick. Now she teaches people the tools that turned her life around. Through raw stories and inspiring interviews, her podcast Mind Love highlights the incredible role of the mind in creating a life you love waking up for. Learn more about Melissa and her work here.  Instagram:@mindlovemelissa | @mindlovepodcast Facebook: Twitter: @mindlovemelissa Website: MindLove Podcast: Connect with Carin Rockind:  Follow Carin on Instagram ( Sign Up for Goddess Getaway MIAMI or Goddess Getaway PARIS! (  Join the PurposeGirls Facebook Group ( Subscribe to the PurposeGirl Newsletter ( Visit The PurposeGirl Website ( Buy Carin's Quote Book – Wonderful You!  ( Thanks for listening, love! Let’s change the world. Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5-star review and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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