RGTM - Episode 2 - Half-Life

08.03.2020 - By Retro Game Time Machine

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Come on a journey to 1998 where we discuss Half-Life for the PC. We talk history, plot, and our experiences with the game. Grab your crowbar, and hop in the time machine with us! Since we're traveling time, we're also talking about recent gaming news, and games we've been playing. Check out below to see what we talked about.
4 New games added to Gamepass
Nintendo source code leak, Luigi found in Mario 64 data!
Double Fine 20th Anniversary, Humble Bundle campaign
GTA Online and GTA6 Rumors
Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update 2 Dreams and Fireworks
Halo Infinite, State of Decay 3, and Fable reveals for Series X
Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Free to Play (no microtransactions)
The Switch can run Crysis!
Rocket League going Free to Play - On Epic Games Store

What we’ve been playing

Black Mesa Source - PC
Half-Life: Alyx - PC (workshop content)
Half-Life + Blue Shift - Dreamcast
Gato Roboto - PC
Carrion - PC
West of Dead - PC
Dodonpachi - Saturn
Road Rash - Saturn
Batsugun - Saturn
Sega Rally Championship - Saturn
Overwatch - PC

Starcraft 2 - PC
Heroes of the Storm - PC
Overwatch - PC
The Forest - PC
Minecraft - PC

Join us in 2 weeks when we talk about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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