Rhonda V. Magee & Kritee Kanko: Deconstructing Race, Liberating the Racist Mind: Practice-Based Insights from Contemplating the Elements

07.12.2021 - By Upaya Zen Center's Dharma Podcast

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Rhonda Myozan V Magee leads us in the inquiry of how the racist mind takes seed in all of us. She reminds us that we need to turn towards the legacy of racism and colonization in order to face the harm and impact in our communities. Rhonda invites us to look at how we embody white supremacy and internalized racism through the lens of the elements in order to move towards the truth of equity of all beings.
Sensei Kritee Kanko invites us into understanding the overwhelm of these times marked by the ongoing violence and oppression in our communities which leave us fixed in reactive trauma states. She lifts up the need to do grief work with each other so that we can reset our nervous systems out of our trauma-based states of fight, flight, and freeze to move into compassionate action for the world.

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