S2E07: Robert Hansen - The Hunter - Part 01

09.04.2019 - By Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

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CW: Rape, Sexual Abuse

Writer: Gemma Harris
Most of us are familiar with reality tv shows where people are isolated in remote locations around the world to test and demonstrate their skills, stamina and endurance required to overcome the obstacles presented by mother nature. Extreme temperatures, exposure, hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion - not to mention threats from native wildlife, all pose additional complications.
Listener... what happens when you’re stranded and don’t have that experience and those survival skills? No idea how far away you are from the closest town? No way of knowing when - or if - you’ll be rescued? And listener - what if, stranded in the middle of nowhere, the movement of the person you could suddenly hear as they made their way through the trees towards you, belonged to someone who wasn’t coming to help you - but to hunt you?
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