Rod Culleton

08.17.2020 - By Evolve with Pete Evans

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Rodney Culleton is fighting for the future of Australia. He was elected to the senate in 2016, entering politics fighting for a royal commission into the banks. The evidence he submitted to the Financial Services Inquiries was lethal, and no matter how hard the government tried to stop the royal commission, they could not. Along with this, Rod is also an advocate for a constitutional judicial system.

He stood up to those who were trying to undermine the rights of the Australian people by not upholding the Commonwealth Constitution, and he continues to bring this to light as he fights for justice in the courts. After being thrown out of parliament, another move that was against the process of the constitution, Rod now leads the Great Australian Party, in order to bring about the change that all Australians need, for them to have a fair go. In this episode, Rod shares how he got into politics in the first place, and how he is working to bring Australia back under jurisdiction, and what people can do to help him achieve that. Tune in today.

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