Rookie Reply: Lessons Learned from Our First Real Estate Deals

07.24.2021 - By Real Estate Rookie

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This week is a special Rookie Reply, Ashley and Tony are in the same physical location! They both stopped by Denver, Colorado to record some future episodes of the Real Estate Rookie Podcast!

Ashley and Tony are both talking about the first deal they acquired, the mistakes they made as rookies, the lessons they learned, and why you should never be afraid to fail. They walk through things like finding the deal, financing the deal, misconceptions they had before they jumped into investing, and how BiggerPockets was a huge help to both of them in their early investing journey.

If you’re still waiting to close on your first deal, here are some key points discussed.

How to finance a property and rehab costs with $0 down

What to do if your first property ends up losing you money

The importance of partnerships when getting started

Why you DON’T need to buy your first rental in cash

And Much More!

If you want Ashley and Tony to answer a real estate question, you can post in the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group! Or, call us at the Rookie Request Line (1-888-5-ROOKIE).

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